STAR TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION: Ethics & Morals (11)    Leadership (18)    Management (55)    Mankind (47)    Relationships (9)
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Star Trek - The Next Generation - (Category) Mankind


074: Crime of wasted time
075: Memories last
076: We are never the villain
077: Finding comfort in hatred
078: Leave well enough alone
079: Lose the fight before the battle
080: Duty over desire
081: Confusing the child
082: It's a Wonderful Life
083: Blinding conviction ignores truth
084: Invite not Death
085: Responsibility for elderly care
086: Guilty of self-righteous indignation
087: Rules are not absolute
088: Suppressing feelings and emotions
089: Root cause of child misbehavior
090: Overcoming personal bias for the right cause
091: Unacceptable traditions and customs
092: Managing hasty decisions
093: Crayon is mightier than warp drive
094: Strongest man is he who stands alone
095: Yesterday's enemy, today's friend
096: Cultural heritage and assimilation
097: Life preservers of old hatreds
098: Is ignorance really bliss
099: Faith is not religion
100: Recognizing Omniscience
101: Repressed or confabulated memories
102: Unfair treatment for already-paid-for past mistakes
103: Death is not the answer
104: The omnipotent mind
105: Circularity of apprehension, worry, stress and anxiety
106: The only one with whom we must compete
107: Resisting the changing wind
108: From life to death to
109: Dwelling in the past
110: Trust of true friendship
111: The primitive society
112: Selflessness vs. selfishness
113: Understanding death
114: Simpler times of yesteryear
115: Learning from failure and defeat
116: Uniquely human trait
117: True test in the face of defeat
118: The partiality of recorded history
119: Limitations in life
120: Reaping success from disadvantage

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