STAR TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION: Ethics & Morals (11)    Leadership (18)    Management (55)    Mankind (47)    Relationships (9)
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Star Trek - The Next Generation - (Category) Management


001: Bypassed for promotion
002: Management offering apology
003: Dwelling on mistakes
004: Management socializing with staff
005: Bottom-line focused management
006: Highlighting benefits to opponents
007: Motivating with deadlines
008: Key to success - meeting expectations
009: When to use profanity
010: Who dictates task assignment to staff?
011: Managing distracted employees
012: Where the journey exceeds the goal
013: Replacing management
014: No honeymoon period for new management
015: Should I accept the promotion?
016: Power of face-to-face
017: A Fresh Start
018: Selfish evaluation of promotion
019: Promoting against personal dislikes
020: Access to top management
021: King of their domain
022: Time passage essential to task
023: Reprimand and encourage simultaneously
024: Atmosphere of confrontation
025: Managers need not be Oracles
026: Management of work vs. personal priorities
027: A priori knowledge mandatory before meeting
028: Managing policies and procedures outside the office
029: Admitting guilt to upper management
030: Public beatings of loud cell phone users
031: Managing contentious employees
032: Management reprimand consequences
033: Is Management involvement really necessary
034: Managing your manager
035: When to obey harmful orders
036: Drawing the line on following orders
037: Mentoring the timid
038: Management actions for the greater good
039: Diffusing uncomfortable situations
040: Relinquishing old habits and work responsibilities
041: Recognizing personal faux pas'
042: Finality in closing communications
043: Assuaging fears of being alone
044: Organic nature of building confidence
045: Importance of proper training
046: Mentoring new management
047: True rewards of management
048: Self-imposed trepidations of management
049: Management decision making process
050: Finding common ground
051: Separation of personal and professional issues
052: Helping the underperformer
053: Dangers of nicknames
054: Bridging the gap between client and designer
055: Filtering methodologies

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