STAR TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION: Ethics & Morals (11)    Leadership (18)    Management (55)    Mankind (47)    Relationships (9)
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Welcome Aboard!

While yesterday, man’s philosophies, ideas and fables were all delivered through the written word medium of books, for almost a century, the new medium of moving pictures, from the cinema to television, has been the more popular mode of story-telling and news documenting.

Today, we have accepted the fact that public opinion and public knowledge-base are now at the mercy of the deluge of information and misinformation fed to us by this media. As books disappear into the online ether and into hand held multi-purpose communicators, now, more than ever, we need to filter from the noise, the messages that are important to us and educate us, and help us to lead better, contributing lives.

Within the Lessons pages of this website, we have tried to highlight many of the messages and ideas, whether they were presented overtly or subtly, on the many different Star Trek TV shows and movies.

We have deliberately not posted on this website any images from the world of Star Trek or any celebrity information. We seek to focus only on the ideas and messages that are presented in the realm of Star Trek.

NOT SURE WHAT STAR TREK IS?…if you are one of the last remaining humans on this planet who still knows nothing about Star Trek, here is a quick synopsis......Star Trek is a television show that began as the idea of one man back in mid-20th century. This man, Gene Roddenberry, had a utopian vision of the future, of a time when man had overcome his petty struggles for possession, religious and political strife, poverty, prejudice and war. Man had gained the technology to break past the speed of light limitations and had begun exploring our galaxy in star ships. Having formed a Federation of Planets organization with other alien life forms encountered in our exploration, humans and aliens band together to ‘seek out new life and new civilizations.’ Star Trek is their stories.

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