Lesson 138: The unspoken thought
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 7/8 ('Attached')


Capt. Picard and Dr. Crusher always share a daily morning breakfast together on board the Enterprise. More recently, Dr. Crusher has been preparing fancy and unusual meals for their breakfast.

When the both of them are captured by an alien race and implanted with devices connecting the two of them together telepathically, they both learn telepathically from each other that they both dislike the elaborate breakfast meals.

Dr. Crusher kept preparing the meals, even though she didn't like them, because she thought Capt. Picard liked the meals, and Capt. Picard, in turn, didn't complain because he thought Dr. Crusher liked the meals.

Both find out they prefer the simpler coffee and croissant type breakfasts.


Communications is the corner stone of each and every relationship, whether it is personal or professional.

Whenever more than one human is involved in any event or issue, there can always be at least 2 different views and opinions on the same subject.

Given this possible disparity, it becomes fundamentally necessary to ensure that there is no incorrect preconception or confusion in understanding between parties, especially if clarity is desired in any form of transaction.

Only through the available means of communications (written, oral and visual) can we establish this common ground of understanding.

Over time, through experience, many can begin to predict the thoughts and reactions of others around them, such as long time secretaries and personal assistants with their bosses, parents with their children, and long-time married couples with each other, amongst others. However, for the rest, good old fashioned 2-way communications is the only solution.

So, let's be sure to confirm that others really want that - morning report, or weekly meeting, or daily schedule updates, or coffee break chats, or after hours libations, or that your friend really wants all the phone calls, emails, flowers, candy and attention - and not just because you think it is what they want.

Like Dr. Crusher, you too may end up saving a lot of unwanted extra effort on your part.

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