Lesson 136: Bonding of hearts
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 5/21 ('The Perfect Mate')


An empathic alien life form known as a metamorph is highly attracted to Capt. Picard.

In her instinctive desire for him, she bonds with him mentally and expresses how truly wonderful it is to be a metamorph - to share the other's thoughts and feelings, to feel the inner strength of the other, to open one's heart and mind to endless possibilities by just being with them, and to hear yourself say I like myself when I am with them.


Our ability to bond with other humans is given to us a birthright.

Much like other animals, we too instinctively cling to our parents from our first days here on earth, mostly for survival. Beyond that, we humans, as we grow, have the capacity to choose other humans with whom we may form loving bonds.

From the familial loving caring relationships we form with our grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins, to the more intimate ties we establish with our school mates, co-workers, acquaintances-turned-friends, all of whom we meet through our travels in life, we have the opportunity to exercise our gifts of affection and caring.

While our capacity to love and care for our family and friends is a wondrous ability, it is in our selection of an outsider as a spouse with whom we wish to share our life's journey, where we truly shine the brightest.

There is pure magic in the way two humans, previously unknown to each other, can form a permanent link between themselves. A link where the needs and desires of the other overrides one's own, where the smile and laughter of the other provides one with warmth and their tears of sadness and pain stab as knives into one's heart.

To bond with another in such a way is to get but only a glimpse of the true power we humans possess.

If the most prolific theme of human fables, poetry and art is true, and that, it is in our unique ability to experience the intangible quality of love which sets us apart from all other life forms on our world, then is it too much to expect that we surely have the capacity to emulate the unique gifted nature of the metamorph in all of our respective human relationships?

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