Lesson 128: Denying instinctive urges
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 5/21 ('The Perfect Mate')


Kamala, an empathic alien life form known as a Metamorph, can sense what kind of women a man wants and then she becomes that woman. With a Klingon, she growls, with drunken men at a bar, she becomes bawdy and gregarious, with Capt. Picard, she becomes reserved, strong, intelligent and regal.

Capt. Picard's assignment is to deliver Kamala to her betrothed for a marriage ceremony which will settle a war between two planets.

True to her instinctive nature, Kamala continually makes advances towards Capt. Picard, despite his efforts to dissuade her.

When confronted directly by Kamala and asked if he fears her or perhaps finds her unattractive, Capt. Picard admits honestly that he finds her 'unavailable' as she is already promised to another.


Going against one's instinctive (and carnal) urges in favor of one's principals, ethics and morals is truly indicative of a pure role model for all of us.

To uphold standards of right and wrong, in the face of unrelenting personal desire to act otherwise, warrants the status of virtuous chivalry.

Considering that acquired addictive urges for chocolate, caffeine, smoking or drinking are some the hardest struggles of temptation man sometimes faces on a daily basis, the unrelenting plight of not acting out on desires and wants that are instinctive by nature truly tests personal value systems.

To reject gaining personal satisfaction in favor for the greater good is quite the monumental accomplishment.

For all those whom you know in real life that act in accordance to these values, give them their due recognition and your highest kudos.

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