Lesson 119: Limitations in life
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 2/5 ('Loud as a Whisper')


A telepathic deaf and dumb alien peace negotiator uses telepaths from his own race to express his thoughts and emotions.

He compares his telepathic interpreters to LaForge's visor. Just as the visor helps LaForge overcome his blindness and see, the interpreters translate sound into thoughts for the deaf peace negotiator and help him to understand others.

When the alien asks LaForge if he resents the visor or his blindness, LaForge answers that he resents neither, as they are both a part of him and since he likes who he is, there is no reason to resent either.

The alien says that it is a blessing to understand that they are both special, each in their own way. LaForge agrees heartily.


All human beings have physical limitations of some form or another.

The quick reflexes, strength and stamina of professional athletes elude the majority of us. Yet, we accept our not having their abilities as part of what is considered normal in most all societies. We neither condemn the athletes for having superior abilities to us, nor do we sink into self-deprecating thoughts and behavior for not being able to do what they can do. We accept our limited ways in life.

When the challenges of physical limitations are magnified by quantum levels through the loss of senses, limbs, immunity, or other medical conditions, then, the struggle to live what we call a normal life becomes a daily battle.

If there is no cure for the ailment and the battles appear futile and without any final resolution at this time, then the strategy of the battle must change in order to attain a victory.

While the ailment may reduce human physical activity, it must never be allowed to contain or restrain the human mind.

As in any good ghost story, the unknown and unseen entity always manages to inspire fear in us. However, once we see the ghost or the monster, we are less afraid. To see the enemy's face and understand its ways, we no longer fear it, but learn to confront it and even to subdue it.

By facing the ailment and understanding its causes and effects, we can learn to accept its challenges.

We construct our environment and activities to diminish its control over us. We curtail its hold over us by never letting it discourage or depress us. We may not be able to defeat it, but neither do we have to let it defeat us.

As we each learn to live with our own individual set of limitations, we grow more accepting of our lot in life and those around us. This allows us to cherish the gifts of life and to share it with others.

LaForge exemplifies excelling in life, by turning the issue of 'to see or not to see' into 'to be or not to be.'

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