Lesson 114: Simpler times of yesteryear
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 2/3 ('Elementary, Dear Data')


LaForge builds a model replica of an old sea-faring sailing ship by hand as a gift for a former Captain with whom he had served on another ship prior to coming on board the Enterprise.

When he shows the ship to Data, remarking that the model represents the proper way to move a ship, by wind and sail, Data sees a contradiction in LaForge's comments.

Recognizing that LaForge is well known for his talents and skills in anti-matter and dilithium crystal based propulsion, Data queries LaForge on his fascination for the archaic wind and sail method of motion. LaForge answers that it is human nature to yearn for simpler days.


In our hi-tech world today of instant information and instant gratification, many look back on the simpler times of yesterday when people actually read books and newspapers, and talked with their friends and neighbors, and knew that working a normal career would lead to a comfortable retirement.

Gone are those days of na´vetÚ, replaced today by hand held technology bringing the world to our fingertips instantaneously, and letting us avoid eye to eye contact with others lest they engage us in conversation, and careers of making money from money without ever producing anything.

In spite of all of this negativity about the present making one yearn for the simpler days of the past, let's not forget that as the forward flow of time takes us into tomorrow, we will look back upon today as those wonderful simpler days of yesteryear.

So, why not just enjoy today, for we will surely miss it tomorrow.

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