Lesson 111: The primitive society
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 1/26 ('The Neutral Zone')


Humans from the 20th century are found in cryogenic stasis in a derelict ship by the crew of the Enterprise. When they are revived, the 20th century humans feel quite out of place and out of time.

As they look ahead to their new lives in the 24th Century, one of them, a successful 20th century businessman, complains that he no longer has any money, no office of work, no means of support, and wonders how he will live or what he will do.

When Capt. Picard explains that in the 24th Century such material needs no longer exist, the 20th century businessman asks, 'Then what's the challenge?' Capt. Picard answers that the challenge is to improve and to enrich oneself.


Cynical though it may sound, our human quests today, here at the beginning of the 21st century, still remain quite petty and trivial.

Most of us just continue to go about our daily lives, buried neck deep, in the sole pursuit of wealth. Our selfish goals of amassing wealth and satisfying our material needs, overwhelms us.

Of course, we do this today to just get some kind of control over our lives and our destinies within the living infrastructures we have built.

As a species we are still very primitive and dwell more on protecting our possessions, than on sharing.

With very few exceptions, most of the human race still remains quite self centered, content with our own comfortable lives and always looking the other way when faced by the needs of others.

Regardless of what political '-ism's' or religions we follow, we will not be able to change our ways as long as we allow the perpetuation of human poverty, bigotry and greed, clearly the true Triad of Evil.

Come the day when everyone has a 'piece of the pie' and no one needs to worry about food, shelter and proper care, the basic necessities of human life, only then we can appreciate Capt. Picard's way of life in the 24th century.

Ironically enough though, we already know today the one clear path to reach that glorious goal, and that is to learn to replace all of our indifferences and dispassionateness with the one true '-ism'…altruism!

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