Lesson 110: Trust of true friendship
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 1/25 ('Conspiracy')


Capt. Picard receives a private communiqué from some his oldest colleagues, all of whom are Captains in Starfleet now, and were all once virtually inseparable as very close friends.

The private message instructs Capt. Picard to meet secretly with his fellow Captains so that they can warn him of a possible high level conspiracy underway at Starfleet.

When reviewing this extraordinary request with Counselor Troi on board the Enterprise, Troi points out to Capt. Picard that his friends' conduct has violated Starfleet regulations, keeping secrets from their superiors, disobeyed Starfleet orders, and are now putting Capt. Picard's career at risk by involving him in their dangerous plans.

Capt. Picard stands by his friends and tells Troi that he trusts them all and that friendship must dare to risk, otherwise, it is not true friendship.


Capt. Picard's attitude towards friendship reflects a relationship between people who are not tied by blood, or by marriage, and yet are as close, and at times perhaps even closer, than that of siblings.

We build our friendships over time and the bond grows stronger with each moment enjoyed together and each problem shared in times of need.

We are reminded by this scene that true friendship requires an almost unwavering trust between friends, which allows us to overcome any doubts, risks or even fears that we might have in blindly moving forward to help a friend.

As the old poem says, 'There are gold ships. There are silver ships. But there's no ship like a friendship.'

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