Lesson 104: The omnipotent mind
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 7/26 ('All Good Things…Part II')


Q, an omnipotent alien provocateur, challenges Capt. Picard to open up his mind by presenting Capt. Picard with a paradox whereby a space-time anomaly begins in the future and ends by growing in the past, in essence going in reverse time.

By resolving this confounding conundrum, Capt. Picard manages to catch a glimpse, even if for just a brief moment, of the enormous possibilities of true exploration of existence through the mind alone and not via the limitations of starships and technology.


The exploration of existence can never be achieved by minds that are closed in by boundaries. 'Thinking outside of the box' is not just a figure of speech, it should be a mandate of life.

We humans are clearly limited in what we can do, not only by the physical confines of our body, but also by the physical laws that govern our universe.

However, where once humans thought they could never fly as the bird in the sky, we now fly the sky's and have reached outside the gravitational grasp of our planet, walked on our lunar neighbor's soil, and hurtled our instruments far outside of our own solar system into our galaxy.

All of this we did because of those who came before us and were able to see beyond their limitations.

Our greatest key to everything we do in life is our mind.

Our mind transcends the physical 3-dimensionality of space, and the 4th-dimension of space-time. We can envision the abstract and the intangible. We can place our thoughts in a myriad of locations in space and time simultaneously, and conduct our thought transactions at the speed of light.

The truly fantastic abilities of our mind to create such theoretical concepts as anti-time, gravitons, tachyon and the Higgs boson particle, to attempt to explain our existence, only highlights that our thoughts are boundless in realm and fluid in motion.

Not only can our minds shatter the 'box' restrictions, but we can be infinite in our thoughts of not just one universe, but multi-verses, and life or existence beyond just our own.

Q may be omnipotent in abilities, but we humans can at least attempt to be omnipotent in our thoughts.

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