Lesson 100: Recognizing Omniscience
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 6/23 ('Rightful Heir')


Kahless, who is the revered holy founder of the Klingon race and culture and its first emperor, returns 1500 years after his death to reunite the Klingon people.

Amongst Klingons, his second coming is quickly accepted by some, while others, mostly those in power, reject his resurrection by denouncing him as a fraud.

Kahless proves by his knowledge that he is who he says he is and that he has returned because the Klingon race has lost its true honorable warrior path with petty bickering and corruption.

As the number of Klingons believing that Kahless has truly returned continues to grow, the number of factions also increases and points to the Klingon Empire plunging into a civil war over the issue.

When the truth is learned that Kahless is actually a clone, preprogrammed with all of the original Kahless' stories and ways, this fact is suppressed to avoid a total rupture of the Klingon society.

Those with ruling power and knowledge of the truth decide to allow the cloned Kahless to hold the honorary title of Emperor, to help guide the people, and let the power of governing the Klingon Empire still remain within the ruling council and its leader.


Man's true bond with his own faith is an immeasurable force.

In times of need and critical situations, man always turns to his own faith for help, and especially when facing death, man is invariably heard calling out to his personal deity.

The (Christian) Joab-like stories of man's unswerving faith to his God perpetuate in various forms through out many beliefs. Similarly, many beliefs share an apocalyptical future when the respective Saviors of each faith are expected to return to salvage mankind.

It is only our leap of faith, which tells us that we will be able to actually recognize such a Return.

Practicality, empirical data and logic can never be used to validate such an event. Given this lack of any factual evidence, it is very easy for each of us to quickly deride and dismiss such an occurrence within any faith outside of our own.

Unfortunately however, the exact same arguments can be used by all those in power within one's own faith, who would not wish to lose their existing control over their societies and communities to a new found God-sent Leader.

It does not take a seer to foretell what the reaction of mankind will be to Omniscience returning in human form.

We just have to look at our own respective individual cultural histories to see our inability to recognize when we are in the presence of righteous Omniscient leadership, and to accept that there will always be men in power who will suppress, persecute and even kill such Leaders.

As the resurrected Kahless was unable to gain total acceptance within his own singular Klingon religion, how can any one presence ever hope for global acceptance by all humans on our world, given that man has a history of no hesitation of going to war in the name of, or proliferation of, his own particular respective faith?

As is the case in all discussions of faith, it is only the pure strength of our personal beliefs that can guide us down the right path to recognize the Truth, and more often than not, we usually end up with more questions than answers.

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