Lesson 098: Is ignorance really bliss
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 6/17 ('Birthright: Part II')


Worf, a proud Klingon warrior, finds himself on a secluded former Romulan prison planet, where Klingons and Romulans, sworn enemies of each other, now live together in peace.

Worf discovers that the younger Klingon generation living on the planet has grown up forgetting the old ways of their Klingon culture. When Worf begins to revive the deep rooted Klingon warrior nature within the Klingon youths, he disrupts the balance within the community and is sentenced to death by the ruling Romulans.

A half-Klingon, half-Romulan young female on the planet who grows emotionally close to Worf, is torn between her feelings for Worf and her normal way of life. She cries out in frustration to Worf asking rhetorically why he ever came to their planet. She exclaims that the local Klingons were happy with their separation from the Klingon home world and, until Worf appeared, they didn't know there was anything missing in their lives.


Suppression of the truth, whether it is of one's own cultural heritage or of any other fact potentially disruptive to the status quo, is usually advocated by only those in power wanting to retain their control over others.

Only by learning that there is something 'better or more' than what we currently have, do we aspire to improve our lives and our world around us. With the knowledge of a better way, where we were once content with our daily lives, we learn to become dissatisfied with our situation and strive to improve our lot.

Just as the appearance of endless opportunities of other lands drive many to emigrate from their own country, so do the prospects of greater financial rewards, promotions and corner offices drive many to seek career growth outside of their own organization.

The desire to grow and do better is a very human trait based on our levels of education, knowledge and experience. To try to restrain this inherent human quality by the suppression of knowledge has caused kingdoms to be overthrown and governments to fall.

On the prison planet of docile Klingons, Worf is the spark that ignites the flame of the warrior within them with his stories of the real Klingon ways of life and shows them that they have a choice in the path they choose for themselves.

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