Lesson 093: Crayon is mightier than warp drive
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 6/7 ('Rascals')


Guinan, an alien bartender on the Enterprise, remarks to a child who is playing with drawings, how a crayon can take one to far more places than a starship ever can.


Every parent in today's high tech world must take note of this statement. In fact, they should make a banner out of this statement and post it on the walls of their children's rooms.

While it is far easier to keep a child occupied with television, internet games, iPods, iPads, Wii's, Xbox's and a multitude of other hand held video devices, there is nothing more powerful than letting a child explore with their imagination.

With simple pencil/crayon to paper, a child can pour out their un-coalesced thoughts into glorious images of rocket ships and dragons and robots and unicorns and anything else their innocent minds can conjure up.

The wonderfully malleable minds of children can be so quickly stunted and corrupted by the sometimes stark violent and banal images in video games and even the desensitizing harmful actions of TV cartoon characters.

Perhaps the worst influence of exposing a child to high tech distractions, is the ability of such instruments to totally draw in the child to the point of their totally ignoring the real world around them, often leading to self-sequestering, ostracizing by others in later school life and an inability to relate to other humans in later life.

If, as it has been said, that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, then to inhibit a child's imagination is to deprive the world of Einstein's and Beethoven's.

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