Lesson 078: Leave well enough alone
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 2/14 ('The Icarus Factor')


Worf is noticed by his friends to be acting somewhat unusually out of sorts - quiet, brooding and a bit grouchier than normal for a Klingon.

Data, always the friend, believes Worf may just be lonely as the only Klingon on board, and require a little reassurance. Thus, Data decides to help relieve Worf's anxiety through a little socialization and conversation.

Despite the many warnings and cautions from LaForge to basically leave Worf alone, Data approaches Worf.

Upon initiating a conversation with Worf, Data is told by Worf [softly] '…with all due respect…' [Loudly] '…BE GONE!…' [Softly] '…sir.'

After a hasty retreat, Data tells LaForge that Worf appears quite sincere in his desire for solitude.


This very humorous scene helps to underline the issue of when to offer help.

There are many times in our lives when we see people in distress. Our human instinct should always propel us to offer aid in time of their need.

However, there are times, when the individual struggling with an issue may just want to resolve the item by them self and not be appreciative of any outside interference.

We all need our individual space sometimes.

So, take heed of LaForge's caution to Data before stepping in to help someone, because the person you are seeking to help may be in the Greta Garbo frame of mind and '…just want to be alone' or worse, tell you in the cryptic message words of Capt. Kirk, 'Mind your own business, Mr. Spock!'

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