Lesson 077: Finding comfort in hatred
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 4/12 ('The Wounded')


Having fought in the past war between the Federation and the Cardassians, Chief O'Brian has instilled in himself a strong hatred for Cardassians.

Now that the war is over, O'Brian says he likes the Cardassians fine, just that he knows them well enough to know that they can't be trusted and one should always watch their back when they are around Cardassians.

Dismayed by O'Brian's prejudicial remark, Capt. Picard advises the Chief that when one is angry for a long time, one gets comfortable with the anger, and when one becomes so familiar with the hate, such that it is almost second nature to them, they can't remember ever feeling any other way.


Brilliant observation! Once the innocence of our childhood is lost, we all gain the ability to hate based on our own personal prejudices. The degree of hate may differ from person to person, issue to issue, but we all do suffer from this malignancy.

Our jaundiced view of other people, other places, other views and other '-ism's' so discolor our perceptions at times that we learn to comfortably accept this condition of prejudicial dissension as a very normal way of life for us.

Even if we acknowledge and recognize our own condition of hate, do we not usually rationalize by dismissing it with the thought, 'I am not really a bigot; I just think my way is right!'

Mankind's history is filled with events of malevolent actions against each other founded on nothing more than just plain prejudices of being different.

May we each have a Capt. Picard in our own lives to remind us that there was once a time when we didn't feel the bitterness of hate?

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