Lesson 072: Personal culpability unrecognized
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 3/16 ('The Offspring')


Data, an android, creates a brand new android life-form, based on his positronic architecture. As the creator, Data considers the new android life-form his child, fashions it as a female and names her Lal.

Upon hearing of Lal, an Admiral arrives from Starfleet to take Lal away from Data for studying back at Starfleet.

Data declines to support the request as he does not wish to relinquish his child. When the Admiral makes the request an order, Lal experiences emotions for the first time, and in a fit of terror of being ripped away from her father Data, Lal suffers internal cascade failure causing a permanent shut down.

After Lal expires, all that the Admiral can say of Lal and the incident is 'It just wasn't meant to be.'


Swine! Swine! Swine! This horrendous individual, the Admiral, is totally devoid of any conscience for his own culpability.

This Admiral proceeds in complete arrogance, exercising his self-proclaimed supremacy and unfaltering lack of any guilt for having been the sole cause of the death of Lal by trying to forcibly remove the child from its parent.

Unfortunately, these most disgusting, despicable and not even pity worthy examples of humans are usually found in high ranking positions, always unleashing harm upon the masses without any hesitation or reluctance, for they all suffer from a lack of conscience.

There are heads of companies and nations alike through out history that have wrecked financial and economic havoc and war, and never felt it necessary to hold themselves accountable for the devastation and loss of lives they caused.

Be forewarned when you see these people. Recognize them for their truly evil nature and shun them for the pariahs that they are.

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