Lesson 071: Cloaked in rank and title
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 3/13 ('Déjà Q')


As the omnipotent alien Q loses all of his powers and becomes totally human, full of frailty and weaknesses, he ponders what it takes to be human.

He confesses to Capt. Picard that he does not have what it takes to be a human. Without his superior powers he finds that he is frightened of everything, and declares that he is a coward and that he is miserable.


This scene ought to be seen by every arrogant person in a power position, management or otherwise, who acts impertinently towards others, driven solely by their own over-inflated egos due to their position.

It also provides great insight for those who fall victim to these dreadful tyrants.

Never allow anyone in an office of power to intimidate you with their rank. The true measure of a person is not based on their rank or the office they hold, but the manner in which they treat others.

Power, due to rank or authority, demands from the person of position, empathy and humility.

All arrogant abusers of power, who wield their rank as weapons of intimidation over others, are not to be feared, but rather pitied. They are nothing more than this same frightened, coward of an alien being, who is a whimpering nobody, afraid and alone, once their power is removed.

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