Lesson 068: Adapting to new management
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 1/21 ('The Arsenal of Freedom')


The Enterprise is attacked while LaForge is in temporary command of the ship.

In his newfound command position, LaForge experiences great stress and concern at taking the ship into battle; however, he keeps a cool head, takes charge of the situation and makes some very difficult decisions.

Even though LaForge believes the Junior Officers under him are handling the current situation as well as he is, Counselor Troi points out that they are actually not faring as well as LaForge, and that they are quite nervous about making mistakes.

Troi recognizes that the junior officers need more encouragement from LaForge, they draw strength from LaForge and look for guidance and leadership from him. She tells LaForge to help them by showing confidence in them, just like Capt. Picard once showed confidence in him (LaForge).


Adapting oneself to a new management role must take into consideration addressing the 'buy-in' or acceptance of the new management by the staff.

Just as the new manager looks for guidance and encouragement from the management above them, so the staff seeks the same confidence builders from the new manager in turn.

Instilling trust and confidence in the staff by recognizing their knowledge, talents and experience is primary to developing a successful team. Cohesion in teamwork occurs through open communications and understanding of common goals and methods of operations as shared by both the staff and the management.

Staff has a better chance of attaining peak performance if they are not burdened with doubts about their management's opinions of their abilities, whether they are working a company project or flying a starship into battle.

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