Lesson 064: Unchanging attributes
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 7/12 ('The Pegasus')


Riker, second in command of the Enterprise, is told by his former captain, that Riker has apparently changed from the fresh cadet who was serving under his former Captain to a seasoned officer as Number One on board the Enterprise, stating and standing by his convictions.

Riker's former Captain offers advice that, while changes in a man's life can be for the good, one should make sure that he does not change his sense of duty or loyalty, as they say more about a man than his rank or uniform.


Duty and loyalty, add honor, integrity, decency and valor and no more need be said for the guide to the perfect individual.

We can all only hope to be worthy of such recognition in our own lives.

While change is one of the constants of the universe, these intrinsic human qualities of goodness must always persevere over the passage of time.

The one overriding control over all of these attributes must be the human nature of humility, without which, the rest of the qualities will be viewed upon by others with just disdain.

Just as Riker humbly expresses his hope that his sense of honor continues to remain firm, so this entire lesson if offered humbly as an attempt to highlight a few of the founding blocks of mankind's greatest attributes.

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