Lesson 057: Un-cluttering for management role
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 2/14 ('The Icarus Factor')


Cmdr. Riker, as Number One or second in command of the starship Enterprise, is offered a promotion for the first time to captain his own starship.

While making his decision, Riker has to deal with his father being on board the Enterprise. Riker has a very poor relationship with his father and shows his contempt with every snide and sniping remark he makes to Dr. Pulaski regarding his father.

Dr. Pulaski, recognizing Riker's pent up animosity towards his father, advises Riker to jettison the emotional baggage he is carrying around before taking on his own command of a starship.


The role of leadership requires substantial changes in our behavior from what we may have previously found acceptable in a staff or follower-role.

Without any management responsibilities, we can be quiet cavalier with our work life. By just doing the tasks assigned to us properly and effectively, we can display frivolous, even uncaring attitudes at work with nary a repercussion. Exhibiting personal opinions, exalting our own prejudices and displays of negative emotions are usually all within the realm of non-management roles.

As a leader, however, people will look to us for guidance, understanding, strength, and reliability. None of these qualities are applicable if we, as the leader, are seen as acting with any of the aforementioned negative characteristics.

By controlling the negative aspects of our emotion driven actions and embracing almost a parental role over the staff, we are not only better able to meet our fiduciary responsibilities as managers, but also stand to gain the trust and loyalty of those whom we manage.

Follow the Doctor's orders and jettison any emotional baggage too before taking on a management role, for management roles will bring their own set of baggage.

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