Lesson 046: Mentoring new management
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 2/15 ('Pen Pal's')


Ensign Wesley Crusher is given his first assignment, to form a team to make a geological survey of a planet. Capt. Picard advises Wesley that for his task, the senior officers are available to help him, not judge him, and that he respects an officer who admits ignorance and asks questions rather than one who out of pride blunders forward blindly.


As staff employees are promoted into supervisory and management positions, it becomes critical that they are mentored properly in their new roles.

In their new found rank, most individuals will do their utmost to prove themselves worthy of the promotion and in trying to do so they will usually not want to expose any of their deficiencies. Exposure is usually curtailed by not asking any questions. This may lead to wrong decisions, judgment calls or actions on their part, all of which may go unnoticed until too late.

Anyone in a supervisory or management role must be educated up front to the fact that leaders always recognize their own limitations, admit to themselves their areas of lacking knowledge or experience and are always ready to improve themselves by asking questions when needed. This is the proper and preferred method of conduct for management.

It is not acceptable to blindly move forward without certainty, take stabs at getting it right and causing harm or failure, all in an attempt just to save one's face by not exposing their ignorance.

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