Lesson 045: Importance of proper training
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 2/8 ('A Matter of Honor')


An Alien ensign on temporary assignment to the Enterprise discovers an unknown bacteria life-form has attached itself to a Klingon vessel which is rendezvousing with the Enterprise.

The Ensign fails to inform anyone of his findings as it is the procedure of his species to not discuss any matter until it is fully analyzed and options for solutions are made available.

After the Klingon vessel departs, the same bacteria life-form is discovered by the ship's automatic systems as it had begun to eat away the hull of the Enterprise.

When the Ensign explains that he had discovered the bacteria earlier and felt it was not yet necessary to inform anyone, Capt. Picard informs him that it is procedure on board the Enterprise to inform command immediately of any anomaly or anything that occurs which is out of the ordinary, pointing out that the Ensign's delay has not only endangered the Enterprise, but also missed the opportunity to inform the Klingon ship of the danger also.


This highlights the importance of training.

Whenever new employees join an organization, it should be mandatory policy to provide training not only for the technical aspects of the job, but also for all company policies and procedures.

Every company always has certain nuances in the manner in which they conduct their business affairs. From formal business wear, to decorating personal work areas, to protocol based communications with upper management, to taking coffee breaks, to working overtime, to charging business expenses, each company has its own set of rules for employees to follow.

Although violation of such rules may not bring about anything as catastrophic as the destruction of the Enterprise, however, it may very well result in something far more serious - getting fired!

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