Lesson 041: Recognizing personal faux pas'
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 1/25 ('Conspiracy')


While Capt. Picard and Dr. Crusher are discussing the health of a visiting Starfleet Admiral, Dr. Crusher comments that she believes the Admiral is hiding something. Without thinking, Capt. Picard replies instantly that he expects those types of assessments to come from the ship's counselor, thus implying - not from the ship's Doctor.

Dr. Crusher appears offended by this supposition. Seeing her reaction and realizing the impact of his unintended disparaging remark, Capt. Picard quickly walks over and sits next to the Doctor and assuages her disappointment by asking her to be on the bridge to help observe the Admiral to confirm her suspicions.


One of the tenets of good leadership is to be acutely aware of the reactions of others with whom one interacts.

Respect of the leadership is earned and re-confirmed each day with every word uttered and in every nuance in the expressions of the leadership.

On a personal level, we all expect recognition of our value and encouragement for our work from our immediate management leadership. One wrong word or gesture from management may be misconstrued as being dismissive, discouraging or even offensive. This will lead to the belief that management is not appreciative of us or our efforts.

Good leadership will always ensure that such messages are never sent erroneously. If management has made such a faux pas by their conduct then they must rectify the situation immediately through their follow-up actions and words of encouragement. one wishes to be successful in the new venture.

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