Lesson 032: Management reprimand consequences
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 7/5 ('Gambit: Part II')


While Data is in command of the Enterprise, with Worf serving as his First Officer and Second in Command (Number One), Data has to reprimand Worf for his behavior.

The reprimand is for behavior unbecoming that of a First Officer, as demonstrated by Worf in his continual questioning of Data's orders and by publically exhibiting his irritation when in disagreement with Data's command decisions.

When Worf is given the directive by Data to immediately cease from such behavior, or be removed from the position of First Officer, Worf expresses his regret for the situation and requests to remain as first Officer. Data grants his request.

Given that Data and Worf have always had a good work-related friendship prior to this altercation, Data takes the time to tell Worf of his regret if this incident has ended their friendship. Worf replies, in return, that it was he (Worf) who actually jeopardized their friendship and that if Data could overlook this one incident, then, he would like to continue to maintain their friendship. Data agrees to Worf's request.


Management must be very forthright and quick in its dealings with staff members who are disruptive and non-conforming to office etiquette and rules. Disrespectful attitudes towards other staff members and towards management should never be tolerated.

However, once the fault has been addressed, and if the responsible person expresses regret for their behavior, management must be ready to exercise forgiveness.

We are all human and we all make mistakes. If the guilty party readily admits their guilt and wishes to change their ways, management must encourage this individual and not persecute them. Holding a grudge against the person will only deteriorate the situation and the relationship.

It is far more cost effective and better for all concerned, to assimilate this individual back into the group, than it is to replace them with a brand new resource who will require time and effort for training and integration into the group.

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