Lesson 023: Reprimand and encourage simultaneously
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 4/6 ('Legacy')


Riker takes extra risks to save the life of another person while on an away mission.

Although the mission was successful, Capt. Picard questions Riker on taking such unnecessary personal risks.

Riker states that he had previously failed to save the life of the sister of the person he saved today and that he didn't want to '…lose another one'.

Capt. Picard reprimands Riker for responding so emotionally to the situation. As Riker walks away with his head lowered, Capt. Picard stops him and says '…and well done!' bringing a smile to Riker's face.


Administering reprimands are never easy. It is always recognized as the final course in a failure-to-perform-correctly situation.

If a child misbehaves or an employee lies or a company steals, they must all be disciplined in a strict manner. However, before passing hasty judgment, each incident must be reviewed in detail to insure that the failure to act according to the rules was, in fact, conducted with malicious intent.

While penalizing a child for fighting may appear to be the right thing to do at first glance, we may decide otherwise, if we discover that the child was in the fight while defending his outnumbered victimized friend.

There are many situations where, even though the actions may not be deemed suitable, the goals were virtuous and therefore, as contradictory as it may sound, the admonishment should always be followed by words of recognition and encouragement.

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