Lesson 022: Time passage essential to task
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 6/6 ('True Q')


Dr. Crusher needs to deliver live bacilli (bacteria) in stasis condition as counteragents to a planet facing a global health crisis. In order to be successful, Crusher first needs to accurately measure the mitosis rates of the bacilli. She assigns this simple task to her intern, Amanda.

Amanda, having (Q) omnipotent powers, accelerates the testing procedures using her alien abilities and completes twice the amount of tests in half the time.

Seeing the test results, Crusher tells Amanda that the results are useless now because by artificially inflating the mitosis rates, they now unable to properly manage the bacilli in real time.


Sometimes there are reasons why certain tasks and assignments require a specified amount of time to complete. The inherent constraint of these projects is usually the time factor. The impact of the passage of time may either be the focal point of our study, or it may be the boundary condition by which we must abide.

The half-life of an element, the mandatory payment of monthly salaries, birthdays and anniversaries are all controlled by the passage of normal time.

While it may be feasible to accelerate delivery of certain projects with the addition of more resources, there are some tasks where such steps are futile as we are powerless to alter the required passage of time that is essential to the task.

For example, just because one woman can give birth to one child in a normal 9-month period, it does not mean that we can put 9 women on the job and deliver the child in one month!

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