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Lesson 013: Replacing management
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 3/22 ('The Most Toys')


When Data is mistakenly presumed killed during a routine shuttle accident, Worf is promoted to take over Data's assignments.

Worf, who had been promoted to his current position, as Chief of Security, due to the death previously of another Starfleet officer, is asked how he feels about this second promotion due to the death of yet another officer and former friend, Data.

Worf replies in true Klingon fashion that he will do his very best to perform his new duties to the best of his abilities to best honor his fallen comrades.


While the recognition and reward of promotions are very positive events in the business world, they do, however, many times carry some levels of discomfort for those involved with the promotion.

The staff will look upon the newly promoted with hesitation, even if they are familiar with the one promoted, for a new found position of power has led many astray with delusions of grandeur.

Even worse fears of the newly promoted being weak and indecisive, always give the staff cause for concern.

Adjusting to the personality of the one promoted, which can be anywhere from shy and reserved to boisterous and maniacal, may take a little time.

Whether the staff gives the newly promoted the benefit of doubt on his/her management capabilities, the one promoted must take charge, first of them self, and then of the staff and the tasks at hand.

For the newly promoted to show any signs of indecision or naiveté in their new role is to relinquish their power and invite failure.

The responsibility and accountability for success of the promotion lies always with the one promoted.

Whether a promotion causes one to replace a friend, leading to managing former peers, or places one in the role in a brand new environment, the best approach is to always emulate Worf's Klingon attribute and simply do the very best one can to perform their new duties.

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