Lesson 012: Where the journey exceeds the goal
TV Series: Star Trek - The Next Generation
Season/Episode: 3/16 ('The Offspring')


Data, a senior officer and android, aboard the Enterprise, states that he is incapable of having any emotions or feelings and that he has accepted this limitation of his existence.

When he is asked, why he tries to emulate humans when he cannot experience their most fundamental human nature or why he aspires to be more human when the pursuit can serve no purpose except to continually remind him that he is incomplete, Data says very simply that it is the actual quest that matters the most.

It is the struggle to be more than he is which is the most important to him. He finds his reward in his efforts to reach the goal, even though he understands it may be a goal which he may never reach.


Goals - to live without them or to run a business without them is to just merely exist and not grow at all.

A business without goals will perish very quickly most assuredly.

A life lived without goals, is to go day by day, letting the tides of events caused by others guide our way.

Only by placing goals ahead of us do we ever take command of our life's path and get to exercise at least a modicum of control over events that happen our way.

The great thing about goals is they exist only as long as they are not attained. Once accomplished, they disappear into the past, and are often replaced by new goals.

Goals, therefore, are perishable, with hardly any remembrance for some of them, while the knowledge and experience gained in the effort to accomplish the goals remains with us forever.

It is the goals which are not easily attainable that always drive us beyond our normal boundaries of capabilities and make us excel to the next quantum levels of accomplishments.

Efforts yielding rewards by themselves, is a great human concept for Data, an android, to understand and emulate.

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